Research for improved evidence-based planning: reproductive health care services for women from poor, remote, or minority backgrounds in Thai Nguyen

Research for Improved Evidence-Based Planning: Reproductive Health Care Services for Women from Poor, Remote, or Minority Backgrounds in Thai Nguyen

Year: 2010-2011

Funded by: Atlantic Philanthropies; Partners: Population Council Vietnam (PCVN), Thai Nguyen University of Medicine (TN-UMP), Thai Nguyen Health Services

In partnership with PCVN, ISMS carried out the "Primary Health Improvement Initiative - Intervention Phase" to provide evidence-based family planning information for health policy planning that will contribute to the national effort to attain universal access to family planning and safe abortion counseling and services. ISMS provided technical support for the project, particularly in the areas of faculty training, research fieldwork and report writing. The project included a mixed method study including a household survey, focus group discussions, facility-based assessments, interview of health providers, and patient interviews as well as observations of abortion and post-abortion counseling. The study sample included 1,598 women of reproductive age, 84 providers of family planning and abortion services, 450 patients, and 30 public and private service delivery points. The study took place in Thai Nguyen city and the rural districts of Dai Tu, Dinh Hoa, and Vo Nhai.
In addition to research, the project involved a capacity building component to enhance the research skills of faculty and lecturers at TN-UMP and Thai Nguyen Health Services. ISMS and PCVN developed teaching and training modules to strengthen TN-UMP research methodology courses. ISMS also guided faculty members who were interested in hands-on research experience in fieldwork and specific training workshops to improve writing skills for composing research reports, policy briefs, and other advocacy tools. ISMS conducted five train-the-trainer (TTT) courses in research methodology.