Data Analysis Workshop for Returned Fellows for the Project: “Strengthening the Returned Fellows Network to Support Public Health Professionals doing Research in Vietnam”


Over the last decade, 127 Vietnamese fellows received support from the Buffett Foundation and Ford Foundation to pursue Master’s degrees in the United States and Europe.  After completing their education, many of those fellows have returned to Vietnam to work, with roughly half working in the provinces as opposed to the cities. 

In 2010, ISMS and the Population Council Vietnam (PCVN) began implementing a project to support the research efforts of returned fellows who are working in the provinces. As part of this initiative, ISMS held a two-day training workshop on data management and analysis for the fellows.


The training workshop aimed to build the returned fellows’ capacity to conduct quality research in the field that follows international standards of research protocol. 

Participants and Location

The training was held for returned fellows at the Grand Plaza Hotel in Hanoi, Vietnam.


The two-day workshop took place on December 2nd and 3rd of 2010.


Presentations and discussions were conducted by public health researchers from ISMS and other research organizations with a high level of experience doing both quantitative and qualitative research studies in Vietnam. A variety of topics were covered in order to review the data analysis process from beginning to end.  These topics included:

  1.  Quantitative and qualitative data management using EpiData and Atlas.ti software.
  2. Creating a data analysis plan.
  3. Descriptive analyses using bivariate methods.
  4. Multivariate analysis methods
  5. Report writing and publication.


At the end of each training day, the fellows divided into groups to apply the lessons they learned during the lectures to analyses of their own data.  Returned fellows were also given the opportunity to discuss their own field research.  They shared information about their data collection tools, datasets, and experiences.    As a result of the training, the fellows were able to expand their professional networks and research capacity, helping them in their efforts to conduct research to advance health and development in Vietnam.

Donors and Partners

The training was conducted with the support of the Population Council Vietnam.